Notturno II, for Piano Solo

Notturno II was composed for Gabriel Sanchez and is receiving its world premiere this evening.  Formally, a hybrid structure that resembles a modified arch form (the second DC interrupts the form): ABCDCBDCA–coda.  The typical nocturne left hand appears only in the outer A sections.  The middle sections are either dramatic or very quiet and subdued.  The first section opens with a sonority that contains a tritone and yet is the stable sonority for the work.  A quiet melody enters that is lyric in spite of the dissonant pitch set that is formed.  Half-step clusters, tritones, sevenths and ninths, as well as an occasional consonant interval are all outlined in the melodic movement.  The opening motive appears three times, all with varying harmonic implications.  The B section begins with a broad left-hand arpeggiation and dissonant melodic figures.  This B is short and leads to a sparse and quiet melodic section (C) with open octaves in the bass that are tinged with added minor seconds.  The D section that follows has a right-hand arpeggiation featuring minor seconds and tritones with a chordal melodic passage underneath.  The phrase moves to an unresolved ending that will pick back up at its return—like an interrupted period structure.  The C section returns and leads to a more dramatic B section recap.  The D section returns and fulfills the unresolved phrase from before and a last entrance of the C material is used to complete this middle part and transition to the original material.  The recap A section begins the same as the beginning but then varies into a cadenza-like passage.  New material enters as a coda before reaching the end where the last motive from the original melody enters creating the last tritone sonority.

Duration: 9'15"

Difficulty: Virtuosic

Notturno II, for Piano Solo
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