Notturno I, for Piano Solo

Composed for Jason Sifford, the work explores quintuplet divisions of the beat in the left hand with quintuplet and almost anything else in the right hand.  It is a modified rondo form with the opening melodic material returning twice—ABACDA-coda. Major seventh intervals begin the work and foreshadow the dramatic D section. The nocturnesque left-hand motion is consistent through the first three sections. The C section features a hemiola figuration in the left hand and syncopated chordal melodic writing in the right hand followed by a contrasting halt to the motion with chords and legato sevenths.  The D section then brings the sevenths to the forefront as grace-note figurations in the melody.  With the return of the A section, the sevenths remain as part of the original melody.  Compositionally, I avoid thirds to the bass and the added seventh below the original melodic line does not bring about any of these thirds.

Pianist Gabriel Sanchez gave the world premiere with a stunning performance in 2009.

Notturno I, for Piano Solo
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