Echo, SSA and Piano

Echo is dedicated to Dr. Carolyn Cruse and the Texas Tech University Women’s Chorale.  Christina Rossetti’s poem is a beautiful and haunting metaphoric reflection of communicating with a lost love through dreams.  The last line of the poem reflects the whole essence of the musical setting—“As long ago, my love, so long ago.” 
The three-stanza poem falls easily into a ternary form through the calling forth of the lost lover at the beginning of the first and third stanzas. Although the words “come” and “dream(s)” are repeated several times, the echo theme in the text is often a metaphorical reflection of how our memory works, and how love echoes in our dreams and memories.  The music paints the words in repeated colors rather than literal echoing musical techniques, at least until the last lines that are set with a clear echoing imitation as a coda to the work.

Echo, SSA and Piano
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